Top Reasons to Invest in Virtual Office Spaces


Work plays an integral role in human life, and the way people treat the “office spaces” that they work in has changed drastically. Today, office spaces can be open spaces, communal, and even virtual. Virtual offices have made working arrangements very flexible and improved productivity.

Andrew McAfee was a key player in the virtual office revolution. He understood early on the power of messaging, blogs, wiki and virtual solutions. McAfee quickly proved the supremacy of collaborative digital platforms. Since then, the concept behind office spaces changed.

A lot of people confuse the term “virtual office space” with “working from home”, using a laptop for work and Skype-based video conferencing for meetings. However, this may be only half of the picture, since many businesses still need a space for face-to-face meetings, to receive mail, and other such things.

Read on for our top 5 reasons to invest in a virtual location for your growing business needs.

#1 Easy Access to Critical Facilities

Are you planning to start a new business? Or, do you wish to expand your existing venture? In both these cases, you need facilities like conference rooms, digital equipment, and office furniture.

Virtual office spaces will give you access to all these facilities. You can hire facilities on demand (or by requirement) basis, or pay a monthly “rent” for unlimited access. Virtual office operators will help you save thousands of dollars on rental fees.

Virtual offices have ready to use internet access, which means you can start work without any hassles or delays.

#2 Automated Service Options

Gone are the days when a full-time employee was hired to take care of primary tasks. These tasks could be anything like receiving mail, manning a reception desk, or taking calls. Any investment in these tasks is a financial strain on smaller businesses, and highly distracting if business owners must take care of it themselves.

Sophisticated office spaces are designed with automated services. For instance, you will have automated phone answering systems. These systems will handle all your phone calls in a professional way. Most automated answering systems can record messages and forward calls to your home office or cell phone.

Automated services can change the way your company functions! These services can boost your performance and productivity.

#3 Easy Expansion Possibilities

A key reason behind the fame of virtual office spaces is improved opportunities for expansion.

Regardless of whether your business is a corporate giant or a startup, expansion is important. Unplanned expansion can “destroy” your business prospects for the following reasons: lack of manpower and financial burdens.

Businesses that are unsure about their future will find huge benefits in virtual office facilities. Buildings that offer virtual offices, typically also offer temporary facilities such as meeting rooms, as well as more permanent facilities. You can hire small to mid-size executive suites where you and or your employees can go to work every day.

When compared to self-standing offices for rent, these are distinct because they include amenities such as maintained restrooms, kitchenette, café, printing facilities, and reception already.

#4 A Better Presence

The way customers see your business can build or break it. A lot of customers will not work with your brand if you don’t have a promising business environment.

Virtual office spaces offer a prestigious office address to businesses. You can use this address on your website, business cards, and advertisements. In the long run, you will have no worries creating a reputable business image. Customers will take your business seriously.

Virtual offices offer businesses the freedom to establish a presence in different areas, without spending a fortune. Are your customers in the next town over, but you don’t want to make the hour commute every day? Let them know that you will meet them by appointment only and make the drive only when you need to.

#5 Flexibility

When compared to traditional office spaces, virtual environments are more flexible and mobile.

Traditional office spaces come with lengthy lease agreements. On the other hand, virtual office spaces are temporary, short-term solutions if you need them to be.

Traditional office spaces are expensive. On an average, traditional offices can cost you thousands of dollars every month. Meanwhile, a virtual office can help your business by keeping expenses low. You can change contracts and renew agreements on much shorter notice.

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