Top Four Perks Of Renting Virtual Office Space


For all business owners, two major expenses stand out: People and Rent! Wouldn’t it feel great to eliminate one of these expenses?

We are not talking about robots taking over. Instead, we are focusing on virtual office spaces and eliminating high rent. Virtual office spaces represent a physical address that is not owned or permanently occupied by the business.

Apart from obvious financial returns of not having to invest in monthly rent for a space big enough to accommodate you and all your employees, virtual offices can change your work experience drastically. They can eliminate commutes, while maintaining a prestigious address.

There are several perks that make virtual office spaces a great resource to consider.

Read on to know more about how these perks can meet the growing demands of your business.

#1 Reception

At Twelve Twenty Two Offices, we have a dedicated receptionist manning our front desk during office hours (8 am to 5 pm).

This means that even though you might not be physically present at your business address, there is always someone to receive your mail and packages.

#2 A Local Phone Number

Ever wanted to expand your business to numerous locations, but didn’t have the overhead? With a Virtual office, you can have a centrally located address, as well as a number with a local area code, right in the city you want to serve – no matter where you are.

You can set up friendly telephone service on this number and opt to have it forwarded to your mobile phone, main office phone, or even home phone.

#3 Meeting Rooms

If there is a virtual office space near your business, one of its finest offerings would be a fully equipped meeting room or conference space.

When you schedule a meeting with a business associate, vendor or client, not everyone is comfortable meeting at a Starbucks or other local coffee shop.

Most companies are prepared to rent premium destinations for meetings at affordable rates. It makes sense to think twice and put your best foot forward.

Premium meeting rooms and conference spaces come with conference phones, whiteboards, huge monitors and few other pricey features. These features will give your business a professional image that you will require for your acquaintances or prospects.

#4 Co-Working Environment

Most of the time, virtual office spaces are available in a space that also contains many executive suites. Businesses who rent these want a private co-working space with convenient facilities like a photocopying machine, internet, desks, couches, and chairs. With these facilities, businesses can save stress and money while enjoying unlimited flexibility and freedom. As a paying virtual office lessee at this address, you will also have access to these perks.

To know more about how to revolutionize the way you handle and run your business, call us today or send us a message.

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