A Beginner’s Guide to Your Virtual Address


Few things kill a business owner’s credibility than using a home address for business. Customers, investors, and businesses want to deal with a professional-looking company. Thankfully, a virtual address can help you with this problem.

A virtual address is a representative address of your business. A traditional address will show your location and contact information. On the other hand, the virtual one could be a mailbox service, mail drop service, or of a virtual office space.

Getting this virtual type of address solves many problems for the business owner. Read on to learn the benefits.

Benefits of a Virtual Address

Due to the growth of the internet, business owners realized they could work remotely. Despite their success, they came to a new problem: How to have a professional image without the traditional characteristics of doing business. The solution they found was to sign up for a virtual office.

A virtual office provides:

  • A dedicated phone and fax number
  • A virtual address
  • Voicemail and call and email forwarding services
  • A professional receptionist

Thus, the virtual office is a cost-effective solution for the new business owner. But what are the benefits of having a virtual address? Here are a few of them:

1. Professional Image

As mentioned before, having a business address makes you look professional. Having a home address for your business will reinforce the idea of working in your pajamas. As such, customers and businesses will doubt your ability to solve their problems.

2. Receipt of Confidential Mail

Having the virtual type of address allows you to receive confidential mail safely. Not only will you have a place to receive business mail and packages, but also a place that will notify you whenever anything arrives in the mail for you. Plus, you can call and talk to the receptionist at any time to check what type of mail it is and even request additional services such as whether they can deposit checks for you for a fee.

3. Maintain Privacy

It’s tough to maintain your privacy when your business address is also your home address. This can expose you to legal and security risks. Having an address that’s virtual separates your personal life from your professional one.

4. Access to Virtual Offices

Getting an address through a virtual office gives you access to their facilities. These include executive suites, internet services, meeting rooms, and administrative assistance.

5. Boost Your Search Engine Ranking

Having a mailing address through a virtual office also gives you a street address. Including a street address on your website boosts your rankings in search engines. Moreover, having many businesses using this street address makes the place look popular. This bodes well for your ranking as well.

Keep in mind to note that meetings are by appointment only if you publicly list such an address on a website or elsewhere. Prospective clients will be impressed by the facilities if you schedule a meeting, but not if they walk in and don’t find you there.

Now that you know the benefits, let’s look at how to set up an address virtually.

How to Set Up a Virtual Address

Setting up a virtual address isn’t complicated. All you need is to get started is meet with your provider and sign a contract. Depending on your exact needs, you will choose a package that includes the services you need most, and these will be included in a monthly fee.

If you need additional services, you can pay for those separately or upgrade to a different package. For example, if you never meet anyone face-to-face, you might not ever need a conference room. If you only meet clients occasionally, you can pay for those facilities by the hour, or if you regularly have meetings, include conference room usage in your monthly fee.

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Using a virtual office’s mail address is a better solution than using mail services. A virtual office provides greater resources and benefits aside from the mailing address.

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