We founded 1222 Offices with the idea to make a business community where everyone is welcome! Our modern and beautiful environment is where people with entrepreneur mindset come and work together, it is the place where ideas happen!

There is no other space in Cape Coral that can match our office space, our vibrant community or creative facilities!

Come and Join Us, you will love it!

Functional Workspace

Our offices are designed to be functional, comfortable and with productivity in mind

Onsite Tech Support

We will get you running the same day you move in. Internet + phone

Fast Internet

Fast internet guaranteed. We understand you need a fast and reliable connection

Entreprenurial Mindset

Perfect environment to start or grow your company, controlling the fixed costs.


We receive and sort the mail for all our offices and we send an email to you if we have mail for you!

Customer Support

On-site well trained receptionist to welcome your customers and to be at help when needed!

We are Built for Business – Visit Us Today!

Designed to combine comfort and luxury in a quiet environment