How To Make Your Virtual Office Convenient For Your Employees


Not all managers welcome the idea of giving employees an option to work remotely. The inability to track employee progress is one of the worst fears that many managers don’t want to face. These fears don’t have to become a reality. With the advances in technology, frequent communications and building a workplace true to its core values, creating a streamlined business process will never be impossible. Whether you’re chained to your desk or you are working from home, you’ll be able to maintain a healthy company culture. Here’s how you can make virtual employees comfortable in their own virtual space:

Make them feel at home

Deciding on implementing a virtual workforce program is no walk in the park as it requires thorough planning. While you can source talented workers from any location, it’s essential that you keep track of your employees, ensuring you’re bringing the best in them and also getting the most out of your remote workforce. Just because they’re working remotely doesn’t mean they have limited needs. Create a culture where remote workers can become acquainted with other employees. Make them as comfortable as possible during regular meetings, by letting them familiarize themselves with the business process. Communication is key.

Collaborate using technology

Maintaining good communication is one way to monitor your remote workers, but this is only possible if you learn to utilize technology. Be sure that you’ve set a universal standard for communication to prevent miscommunication and to streamline the workflow of each task. Consider daily and weekly check-ins so you can keep track of your employees’ attendance even when they’re not physically present. It will give you peace of mind knowing that everyone is carrying out the tasks assigned. Using video conferencing tools like Skype or Google Hangouts will enable you to share ideas with employees.

You can also use cloud-based software for storing company files. So regardless of your employees’ location, they can access the file anytime, anywhere. For you to see the new and ongoing activity of your employees, you can also use web-based project management software. It enables you to track the progress of their task as well.

Keep employees engaged

Remote employees should be happy and engaged so they can brainstorm new ideas and also collaborate with the rest of the team members. The success of your company depends on the performance of your employees so be sure to fulfill their needs. Boost office morale by celebrating company milestones. Build relationships with remote and office workers by inviting all employees for a monthly meeting.

One way that you can open bigger doors for talented hires is when you try to search for candidates beyond the usual hiring process. Remote or not, employees are happy to work for you if you make it a point to communicate frequently about workplace happenings. When everyone is heading in the same direction, you share the same values, goals, and objectives with the rest of your team. Creating a positive environment where everyone is motivated and inspired should not only exist within your office walls. By breaking boundaries, you will create an inclusive workplace where everyone looks forward to working for you.

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