Make Meetings More Productive By Upgrading Your Conference Rooms


The workplace environment is one of the factors that influence the productivity of employees. So even if you’re organizing a monthly meeting, making sure that it is as productive as possible requires research. Employees are more likely to pay attention when they feel good. Meetings should be held in a room where there is enough space to move, sufficient lighting and complete facilities where employees can have easy access to information. If your meeting room is nowhere near these categories, it’s about time you consider an upgrade. Including these meeting room essentials, especially for small business, will boost productivity and maintain an organized workflow.

Define your needs

Before you consider giving your meeting room a make-over, think about the objectives you want to meet. There’s no such thing as one room fits all. The design and the facilities you need to add will be dependent on the needs of your company. Think about the type of meeting you hold. Get an overview of your needs and the type of clients you’re catering. The design should match the purpose and function of your meeting room.

Put the size into consideration

Some businesses need bigger rooms while others only require a small space. It depends on your company’s requirements. For larger meetings, you need conference rooms where you can accommodate external visitors or clients. For private discussions, you need a meeting room free from any distraction. You can also consider huddle rooms for whiteboard brainstorming and video conferencing.

Stick to calm colors

Numerous studies have linked colors with enhancing ones’ mood. The same is true when you choose bland colors for your meeting rooms. Grey, white or beige can induce sadness. You need colors that will promote productivity, relaxation, and focus. The ideal colors you need are shades of greens and blues. If you want to promote optimism, yellows are also a good color. Take time to pick the right shade for your meeting room. Choose colors that you can find in nature.

Add soft chairs and round tables

There’s a good reason why most meeting rooms have round tables. This meeting room staple is known for encouraging discussion. Whether you use it for presenting ideas before the actual meeting commences or for creative meetings, the round table allows you to collaborate, share knowledge and inform. If you have a large meeting room, you can also add a rectangular meeting table and chairs with armrests. These furniture pieces encourage participation, especially on serious matters. The set up gives your participants a signal that they can relax and prepare themselves for a longer meeting.

Make drinks, snacks, and facilities accessible

Keep your snacks, coffees, and facilities at hand. Your employees or clients may need to charge their mobile phones or tablets. Make sure chargers and cords are accessible to them so they don’t have to go out. Bring in coffee, water or any type of drinks especially if it’s a long meeting. Fresh fruit will also keep them full and less distracted while you’re discussing matters.

Create a smart meeting room

A meeting room with incomplete amenities and equipment is going to be a recipe for disaster. Invest in interactive boards, projectors, and Wi-Fi connection so everyone will have a productive experience. You can also be sure that the meeting will be as efficient as possible. You can also get your employees’ productive juices pumping if they have the right tools that enable collaboration. Be sure to check if the meeting room is well-lit as well. Good lighting can also improve productivity. Don’t just rely on artificial light, employees also thrive in natural light. If you’re going to install shutters or blinds, be sure that the screens can still be seen.

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