Making a Decision About Office Space

Making a Decision About Office Space

When deciding how much space your employees need in your office, you will think about your location in financial terms. However, when you decide about the office space your company will occupy, you should be looking at the amount of space your employees need.

How Much Office Space Do You Need Per Employee

There are several decisions you will face when you are deciding where to locate your office. One of the first decisions you will make is how much office space each employee will need each day? This is a tough calculation to make, but some experts have been researching this area to make your calculations easy.

How Much Space is Needed?

When looking for a new location for your company, you should start by looking for a space offering an average of between 100 and 350 feet per employee. This may seem like a wide measure to make your choice from, but your employees will have different needs based on your industrial sector. Larger offices are needed when your employees need to move around or be involved in conferences.

How Much Space for my Industry?

Your decision about office space should be made based on the amount of movement your employees will need during their working day. For example, a call center employee will remain at their desk for most of the working day, meaning they need between 50 and 150 feet of usable space. In contrast, a company in the legal sector will need quiet areas for conferences and research, meaning office space per employee should be expanded to between 245 and 525 feet.

Different Office Space Needs

It is worth taking a look at the research already completed into the amount of office space your employees need. It would help following some simple rules, including:

  • Technology 115-155 feet
  • Law Enforcement 100-240 feet
  • Social Services 175-245 feet
  • Science 125-410 feet

What About Conference Rooms?

Open-plan offices are the norm in the 21st-century, meaning your office can use less space than those locations with traditional office rooms. Conference rooms are more important than ever and should allow enough space for your employees to enjoy any meeting. In general, your conference room should include at least 50 square feet of space plus 25 feet per seated person.

Think About the Future

Before you commit to your company’s office location, you should think about how you want your business to grow in the future. If you plan to expand your staff in the next few years, you should factor in the extra space needed to comfortably house new employees. Thinking ahead could save you having to move to a new location soon than you expected if you expand your business.

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