Should You Check Out Executive Office Suites Near You?

Should You Check Out Executive Office Suites Near You?

Office executive suites are serviced offices in a business center. They are designed for entrepreneurs who would prefer not to work from home but who also don’t want to rent a traditional office space. Besides providing tenants with furnished and unfurnished offices, business centers also offer shared amenities, such as a shared kitchen with appliances, furnished conference rooms, and basic business technologies like telephone and Wi-Fi services.

Who are executive office suites best for?

If you’re a self-employed person who does not want to work from home because you would like the space, quiet, and amenities of a regular office, but who would also rather not get tied to a long-term lease in a commercial office building, then you should check out executive office suites near you.

Office executive suites are offices in business centers that provide various services necessary to run your business. If you rent a private office space in such a business center, it could be unfurnished or furnished, depending on your needs. You’ll also be able to share amenities with other tenants in the building, such as the lobby, a conference room, and a break room.

Let’s review some questions you might have if you’re thinking of renting out an executive office suite rather than working out of your own home office or settling for a traditional office.

What’s the Difference Between a Home Office and an Executive Office Suite?

Executive office suites offer entrepreneurs a place where they can collaborate and network with other tenants. Unlike a home office, it’s also convenient if a business needs a conference room or a professional environment to meet with clients or do teleconference calls without background interruptions from family members, pets, or telephone calls.

Besides getting a professional business environment without the high cost of a traditional office, executive office suites also provide more flexible lease terms, a physical address, and a mailing service.

What’s the Difference Between a Traditional Office and an Executive Office Suite?

Office executive suites have many things in common with traditional office space, but also a few important differences.

Like a traditional office space, you will get access to similar furnishings and fixtures, but you might not have to set it up yourself.

Like a traditional office space, you will get access to telephone systems and Wi-Fi, and other business technology, but you won’t have to shop for these services.

Like a traditional office space, you will get access to amenities such as a fully functioning break room or office kitchen, reception areas in the lobby, and conference rooms for meetings with other business people or clients, but you will share these costs with other people in the building or pay per use.

Finally, executive suites are cheaper than traditional offices because you’ll save money on the set-up costs and share amenities with other tenants.

Who Are Executive Office Suites Best for?

Office executive suites are most suited for small business owners who only need a single office or just a couple of offices. They are ideal if you’re a solopreneur, but will also work if you have a small staff. They work best for people who need a professional office because they sometimes meet with other business people or clients in person but do most of their business by phone or on a computer.

For instance, freelancers, consultants, mompreneurs, or small business owners may find this the best option for their business. It’s also a popular option for marketers, realtors, and IT professionals.

What to Ask When Leasing an Executive Office Suite?

A good question to ask when renting an executive space is, “How large is an executive suite office?” The business center might be 8x 10 feet or 11 by 12 feet. It might also be possible to rent our more than a single office.

Also ask about what business technology is available, such as a phone service and an internet service. Most times, a bundled service package is available. It’s also important to get an understanding of shared services and amenities.

In summary, office suites are an alternative environment for entrepreneurs who don’t want to work from a home office but who also don’t want to pay the high cost of renting and furnishing a traditional office space.

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