The Difference Between Executive Suites and Office Spaces in Cape Coral, FL

Difference Between an Executive Suite and Conventional Office Space

Executive suites are becoming more popular each day. They are a flexible and economical alternative to renting traditional office space.

If you own a business, you need an office space to support your business, employees, and customers. The area should be able to provide a productive working condition. You are likely to consider an executive suite or a conventional office space depending on your business needs. They both have varying attributes. In this article, we’ll cover the main differences between executive suites and office spaces.

Office Space

Conventional office spaces are often leased to obtain the most suitable price. Whe…nal-office-space/n it comes to a rental agreement, they include periods of three to five years. The longer the lease period, the lower the price. However, each amenity is purchased or leased individually. Some of the amenities paid for separately include the internet, furnishings, and phone systems.

For a business with more established operations, conventional office space is better because it occupies a large area. Companies with several employees can better utilize these spaces. Office spaces are often not available under 1,000 square feet. Small businesses, branch offices, and startups don’t work well with traditional office spaces because they need more flexibility.

Executive Suites

Many small businesses such as professional services use executive suites. They provide all the amenities of a large office with the convenience and affordability that comes with renting a single, often furnished, room.

Some growing companies also use executive suites to accommodate them temporarily. For example, you might need a temporary space while a permanent office is being situated or built.

Unlike traditional office spaces, executive suites have more flexibility in rent terms. The business owner can rent less space for an office and use shared amenities like reception areas, lobbies, and conference rooms. Rent agreements can range from month to month, to periods of six to 18 months.

With an executive suite, you can also cut the cost of hiring some employees like receptionists. You are provided with a receptionist that can receive your mail and welcome your visitors. Executive suites are often available fully furnished with décor and include services such as phones and internet.

Internet services for an executive suite include spyware, firewall protection, and high-speed internet access. VPN access can also be provided, allowing you to work from home while having access to your computer in your executive suite. Each executive office is supplied with multiple jacks to connect different computers. This allows different furniture arrangements and ensures flexibility.

You can also have access to office equipment such as printers and fax machines. Services are paid on a needed basis. With an executive suite, you can also rent furniture for your office monthly.

An executive suite is an affordable option with no long term commitments or substantial startup costs. It is also an excellent option for entrepreneurs, small companies, attorneys, and financial firms.

In general, both office settings vary in amenities, size, and lease terms. Executive office suites are becoming more popular each day. They are a flexible and economical alternative to renting traditional office space. If your office needs include a low startup cost, smaller space, flexible time frames, and an inclusive price, contact our team today in Cape Coral, FL.

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