Questions to Ask Before Leasing an Office Space

Questions to Ask Before Leasing an Office Space

Is it time to start looking for a new brick-and-mortar location to house your workforce? Searching online for “office leasing near me” is a great place to start. However, you will need to ask critical questions before finding a suitable space

Keep reading to learn the most important questions to ask when leasing a commercial space.

Questions to Ask When Leasing a Commercial Space

Every business is different. Finding the right brick-and-mortar location for your operations can streamline your workflow and improve employee retention rates. Still, if you are new to scouting properties, you may not know what questions to ask when leasing a commercial space.

First, you must consider three key factors when running a business out of an office space:

How can you improve each of these factors with a new area? Can you expect any potential setbacks by moving? The answers to these questions will help you narrow your options during the early stages of your research.

How Much Space Do I Need?

Finding a building with adequate space for your employees and office equipment is essential when searching “office leasing near me.” You must ensure plenty of room for cubicles, break areas, and storage to facilitate a comfortable work day. If you are planning on moving from an existing office location to a new one, consider the spacial limitations you already manage.

Suppose you own a small business. In this case, you may only need a few rooms and a common area. However, larger companies may need to operate on multiple floors of a building.

Remember that having enough space affects not only comfort but safety. Your new location should have enough room to help you keep walkways clear and doors unobstructed.

What Amenities Does My Workforce Need?

Do you own a business that provides accounting, legal, or customer support services? You will likely need room to operate several computers and an extensive IT infrastructure. Additionally, it may be necessary to find a space for lease that includes private offices or dedicated mailrooms.

What Does the Owner Include in the Rent Price?

Some buildings provide basic amenities in the rent price, such as:

  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Wi-Fi
  • Heating and cooling

Finding a space for rent that offers multiple accommodations can save you time and money. Many office buildings even provide their own repair technicians and janitorial services.

Is the Surrounding Area Safe?

When searching “office leasing near me,” low-price rents could indicate problems in the area surrounding the office complex. Committing to an office in an unsafe neighborhood can discourage employees from showing up or cause a dip in productivity. Ask the building owner what to expect if you are new to the area.

Remember that private security can add up. In the long run, finding a location with a higher rent in a safer neighborhood may be more cost-efficient.

Is the Lease Flexible?

Your new office location may serve as a temporary space when growing in-person operations. If you don’t plan on staying long, try partnering with a building owner who offers flexible lease periods. Month-by-month rents are a great solution if you own a business that evolves quickly.

If you sign a contract that lasts six months or more, prepare yourself to pay the entire cost. Steep financial penalties can result from ending your lease early.

Is the New Office Furnished?

It may surprise you how expensive furnishing office spaces can be when moving your operations. While some offices already include tables, desks, and chairs in the base rent price, some require you to supply your own arrangements.

When touring an active suite, you may mistakenly assume the equipment and furnishings belong to the building. Don’t forget to ask the building owner if you need to make room in your budget for these accommodations.

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