Office Design Trends For 2021 And Beyond You Will Want To Follow

Office Design Trends for 2021 and Beyond You Will Want to Follow

Time to upgrade the look and functionality of your office? Learn about the latest office design trends you need to follow.

Why Your Office Desing Matters

Ever since the first office was built in London in 1726, designers have been working to improve the way it looks and its functionality. There are many reasons that you will want to embrace the latest office design trends, including:

What Are Some Office Design Trends to Consider?

There are many office design trends you may want to consider.

Provide Space for Collaboration

Employees need a space where they can brainstorm and bounce ideas off each other. Remember that the best ideas usually come from the people working closest with your customers. Provide them with space where they can discuss new ideas and draw energy from each other.

Smaller Private Office Around a Hub

Gone are the days when everyone was striving to get a promotion and a bigger office. Instead, small offices are around a central hub, with the middle serving as a conference room. This provides easy access when someone needs to come into a meeting unexpectantly. Each of the smaller offices can have a door, so private sessions can happen when necessary.

Create a More Comfortable Environment

Some of the world’s largest companies were started in garages or small apartments, including Google, Amazon, and Airbnb. Create a space where your employees can feel comfortable and watch their creativity grow tremendously. Formal layouts often shut down creativity, so give your employees sofas, card tables, and other areas where they can work comfortably.

Provide Touchdown Spaces

Especially for employees who spend a lot of time in the field, make sure that they have a functional area to work when they finally get to the office. This area should make it easy for them to use the technology that they need to employ. The area does not have to be very big, but it should be theirs. Encourage employees to bring in items that fit their lifestyle.

Apply Lean Principles

Think about the must-do tasks in your office. Then, ask yourself how you can design a space that minimizes wasted space to accomplish those tasks. For example, short file cabinets may help store current files, while those employees may not need to access regularly can be kept further from the work area. Whenever possible, put items in the order used.

Watch this video to learn more about creating lean offices.

Add the Extras

When you give employees smaller personal workspaces, you have room to add the extras to boost morale and keep employees working for your company longer. These might include a coffee bar, resource center, reading room, and fitness center.

Biggest Offices Go to Those Who are There

While it takes a mind shift, the biggest office should go to those in the office the most, instead of seniority or position in the company. For example, if the board chairman is a figurehead, give him a small office and use the bigger one for someone who spends most of their time working in the building.

Why Executive Office Suites Make Sense

You depend on a good image to keep your company moving forward. Having a professional location to work in makes sense. Entrepreneurs and employees have the freedom and space to get more work done while enough privacy to meet with clients and take calls without intrusion. Having such a space, away from the rush of the normal office environment, also allows you to create a better first impression with potential clients.

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