Hot Desks: Everything You Need to Know About the New Office Craze


What do you do if you have more employees than you have desks? Fire employees? Try to squeeze in more desks? Why bother?! If you take advantage of the latest trend in office management, you will never have these concerns again.

That trend is hot desks. And no, it is not a euphemism office romance or for smoking pot at your desk. It is an effective new management tool that you may find helpful.

If you are experiencing a lull in productivity or an over-abundance of employees compared to the number of desks you own, you need to learn about hot desking. Read on to find out what this craze is all about!

What Are Hot Desks?

Essentially, what hot desking allows you to do is ensure that only the people who need a desk at any given time have one. Those who work a different shift, are on break, or are on a business trip don’t need to use a desk, so why not let someone else use it?

With this approach, no one person has a singular claim to a desk, each desk belongs to everyone and can be used by any of the employees who currently need it. This may sound chaotic, but it can actually be very organized.

The whole process is facilitated by software that can connect each employee’s phone to the building, making each person (and the building) aware of who needs a desk and who doesn’t

It may sound disorganized, but it may actually improve efficiency and productivity in your office space.

Het Nieuwe Werken

The hot office approach is part of the het nieuwe werken philosophy. According to Slate, “is a Dutch phrase that loosely translates to ‘the new way of working.'”

This philosophy seeks to provide your office environment with more energy, novelty, and movement. The goal is not to keep anyone in one place too long. In theory, this should make the work experience fresh and new for the employee every day.

This new philosophy has seemed to be proven effective at places like the Edge in Amsterdam. It could be successful for your business as well.

What Services Facilitate Hot Desks?

If you are interested in integrating hot desks into your business, one of the best ways to do that is by renting virtual office spaces.

Virtual office spaces essentially bring the hot desk philosophy to the entire space your renting. So you won’t have a permanent location for your business, but the rent is much lower, and you can have the freedom and mobility to start integrating hot desks into your business practice.

If you utilize our services to start this integration, there are many great potential benefits.

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