The Evolution of Meeting Rooms

The Evolution of Meeting Rooms

Human beings have always collaborated and held meetings since the dawn of civilization. In modern times, traditional meetings rooms were office spaces equipped with heavy desks and cubicles. Over the years, improvement in technology has changed how people meet and interact.

How have Meeting Styles changed?

The traditional meeting format was quite simple. Employees met in a corporate meeting room equipped with a whiteboard, long conference table, and Flipboard chart. Additionally, the leader would pass photocopied documents to all the attendants and allow workers to present their ideas in turns.

Meetings underwent a revolutionary change as the technology advanced. Nowadays, the meeting style implemented in a firm depends on its size and ability to adapt to technological changes.

For example, large companies hold board meetings when discussing major organizational agendas. On the other hand, startups might have standing meetings where the leader tosses a ball and the worker who catches it speaks.

Virtual meetings have also become more common over the past few years. COVID-19 pandemic restrictions have made it impossible for firms to hold meetings physically.

Which factors have facilitated the Evolution of Meeting Spaces?

The factors that have caused meeting rooms to transform are;

Increased Remote Working

Remote working has enabled organizations to understand the significance of virtual meetings. Employees work and attend meetings digitally rather than physically.

To improve the efficiency of these meetings, companies are investing in advanced meeting room technology, such as video conferencing technology.

Introduction of more Content

Initially, employees would only share their ideas in a meeting by writing them on a whiteboard or printed charts. Today, people can present information in different formats like a live stream, video, and audio files.

This means that modern meeting rooms should have the ability to support these new designs smoothly and avoid unnecessary connectivity issues.

The need for more effective Security measures for Data and Employees

Working digitally makes company data more vulnerable to data breaches and cyber security issues. Companies are incorporating major security features, such as digital access, in their meeting premises to protect their data.

Increased Flexibility and Activity-based Working

Millennials work differently from the previous generations. They prefer flexible and activity-based working styles.

Meeting rooms have changed to accommodate these styles. For example, virtual meetings allow the younger employees to work and participate in company discussions from any place.

Increased focus on Worker and Customer Engagement

The current pandemic has affected everyone emotionally. Modern organizations are adjusting their meeting spaces to prioritize the wellness and mental wellbeing of their employees and clients.

For example, they are building hangout spots where teammates can sit, talk, and discuss ideas in a casual area. The change in these meeting rooms has made collaboration easier and more effective.

Which Factors should Modern Organizations consider when designing a Meeting Room?

The quality and features of the meeting space in an organization are essential. They determine the employees’ comfort and participation in the meeting. When designing this space, firms should;

Keep it simple

The meeting space should be simple to give the employees the confidence to participate seamlessly.

Focus on how the employees work

Meeting rooms should be less structured and less formal to accommodate the younger workforce.

Incorporate wireless technology

Companies should focus more on wireless presentations systems, where employees can display their ideas directly from their phones or laptops.

In conclusion, meeting spaces have changed to adapt to the advanced technology, remote working, and availability of a more flexible workforce.

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