Essentials in Meeting Rooms: Ways To Make A More Collaborative Environment

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A meeting room is not just a place where people come together to discuss details of a business plan. A healthy workplace needs to work towards a common goal and it all starts with promoting collaboration. However, the idea of creating a collaborative space is easier said than done. A meeting room should not only include a chair and a long table. It should be a place where everyone can pitch ideas. Comfort and convenience are two of the most essential recipes for creating a collaborative meeting room. You can achieve these by adding the following meeting essentials:

1. Whiteboard

Although a whiteboard is an old school meeting facility, it is still considered as an instrumental tool for people to keep track of everything that has transpired during the meeting. It is low-cost and of course, user-friendly. These days, you can find a lot of more advanced versions of the whiteboard. Although to some, whiteboards can be unsightly, especially if you have been using it for years. Glass tables are a better option alongside a dry erase marker. With this option meeting participants no longer have to get out of their seats to discuss a topic.

2. Tables and chairs

A meeting room will not be complete without tables and chairs. They are two of the most critical furniture pieces that create a huge difference. When it comes to choosing a table, the size and style matter. If you enough room to accommodate a long table, you should choose it instead of a smaller round table. Be sure to match your table with your chairs. In choosing your chairs, take the average length of your meeting into consideration. If the meeting runs longer than 10 minutes, comfort should be a priority. Ergonomic chairs add value to your meeting room. You should not hesitate to spend an extra amount of money on luxury seats as they look stylish and provide the highest level of comfort to employees.

3. Wi-Fi Network

A Wi-Fi network is not just a want but a need for most modern workplaces these days. It should be in an accessible location so everyone in your workplace can use it. If you are going to arrange a meeting with a client from outside the office, there is no need to go elsewhere to establish a wireless connection, When Wi-Fi network is readily available, you can get in touch with others at any given time. When connecting to a wireless network, be sure that the process will not take more than 5 minutes. It should be as fast and reliable as possible. A router is also necessary for maintaining an excellent connection. If you place your Wi-Fi network on a specific location, some employees who are not within range might not be able to get access it. Position your router in a place where it is not visible but still accessible.

4. Screen or monitor

Mounting a screen or monitor on the wall is a great substitute for projectors. It should be placed in an area that is visible to employees no matter the area they are seated. The monitor should also have relevant connections that will enable everyone to connect their laptops and other devices to it. All cables and cords must also be neat and out of sight. You can also go wireless, use Airplay, Apple TV or Chromecast for mirroring images on to the monitor. This meeting room essential is something that the entire team can benefit from. For larger images, you will need state-of-the-art equipment like HD monitors or projectors.

5. Recycling and Garbage Bins

A meeting will not be complete without grabbing a sip from a cup of hot coffee or chocolate or even a glass of cold water. More often than not, disposing of trash has not been taken into consideration when setting up a meeting room. You will need a bin so participants can throw away an empty water bottle or coffee cup. It should be part of your meeting essentials. Recycling and garbage bins need to be readily available by placing them in a visible location.

Creating the most efficient conference or meeting room does not have to be a daunting task. You just need a checklist that will help you utilize your office space in the smartest way possible.

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