5 Advantages of a Virtual Office Space

5 Advantages of a Virtual Office Space

Whether you are used to the work from home (WFH) lifestyle or intend to move to a remote business model, a virtual office space is crucial to your long term success.

At its core, a virtual office space provides you with a business address that you can use for official correspondence. But that’s just a surface level benefit. This is especially true if you choose a service provider such as 1222 Offices in Cape Coral, which enhances your virtual office space to become more than an office address.

To help you learn about the larger benefits of virtual offices, here are 5 advantages of a virtual office space that go beyond a simple address.

1. Hold Your Meetings Professionally

Modern virtual office spaces are built with long term benefits in mind. Instead of only offering a business address to forward your mail, these spaces also have well-equipped meeting and conference rooms. This ensures that you don’t have to hold your meetings at home or a cafe down the street. Whether you need to discuss creative ideas or finalize technical details in person, you can do so within a professional setting, complete with modern business equipment.

Keeping in line with the latest industry trends, 1222 Offices also offers professional conference rooms that you can rent on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis. This gives you the means to establish your credibility with any new or existing client.

2. You Can Use Them as a Workspace

High-end virtual office addresses also come with their own workspace, which typically includes private and shared options. As a result, if you ever find it difficult to work at home or need a professional space to complete your tasks, you can visit your virtual office address in person and enjoy the benefit of a physical workspace. The best part? These workspaces don’t come with the restriction of monthly rent and have flexible payment plans to boot.

At 1222 Offices, our Hot Desk and executive offices strike the perfect balance between dependability and affordability. Available in hourly, daily, and weekly bookings, these workspaces give you the freedom you need while switching up your WFH routine.

3. Show Off a Prestigious Business Address

Virtual office spaces are not just a formality to fill the address line on your business website. When chosen carefully, these addresses can add more credibility to your business operations even when you are living your WFH dream. More often than not, potential clients put a great emphasis on where a business is based before they decide to reach out to it. If your virtual office space indicates your business’ location in a prestigious area, it enhances your reliability and improves your chances for success in your field.

Since 1222 Offices is located in one of the most sought after neighborhoods in Cape Coral, we are easily able to help you elevate your business’ status. Whether your clients are coming for a meeting or just looking through your address, you can take confidence in the fact that your virtual office holds an impressive reputation.

4. Benefit From a Professional Answering Service

What good is a virtual office address if you don’t have a local phone number to back it up? That’s why credible virtual office providers make it a point to include a phone number with their offerings. Some even go the extra mile and also include a professional answering service to take your messages or transfer your calls. As one of the most sought after advantages of virtual office spaces, this makes sure that you never have to miss a call even when you are working from home on DND mode.

Along with our virtual office space, 1222 Offices offers a professional answering service. It doesn’t only come with a local phone number, but also provides 24/7 voicemail support.

5. Enjoy a Relaxing Space in Between Work

Whether you need to relax in between work or just need a place to unwind on a stressful day, your virtual office space can come to the rescue. No matter the part of town the virtual office is located in, upscale spaces offer a break room to their subscribers. Ready with essential amenities such as coffee, snacks, and WiFi, this advantage helps you shrug off unnecessary pressure when you are in need of a pick me up. This helps you manage your daily routine with an added sense of ease.

1222 Offices comes with our own lobby coffee shop. Whether you are in need of a quick bite or time away from the desk, we have got you covered.

Contact 1222 Offices Today to Get Your Own Virtual Office Space

At 1222 Offices, we take pride in offering top of the line virtual office space solutions at affordable rates. Whether you just need an address to register your business or require a professional workspace, we are just a call away. Get in touch with our experts book an appointment today, and let us take your operations to the next level.

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