What You Should Know About Obtaining a Virtual Address in Florida

What You Should Know About Obtaining a Virtual Address in Florida

If you use your home address for your business, consumers and vendors may consider your business less reputable than the competition. However, you can cement your growing business as an authority in your industry with a virtual address in Florida. Consult the brief guide below to learn more about virtual addresses and how your enterprise can benefit. 

What Is a Virtual Address for a Business?

Virtual addresses are actual street addresses for prominent commercial buildings throughout the country. You use them in place of your home address or P.O. Box as a permanent address. This allows you to work remotely while maintaining a local presence in your chosen city.

People who may use a virtual address include:

  • LLCs
  • Startups
  • Full-time travelers
  • Small businesses

How Do You Receive Florida Mail With a Virtual Address?

A virtual mailbox will give your business a sense of credibility that your home address cannot provide. You can receive packages and mail at the address. There, trained administrative professionals scan them and notify you of their arrival.

Depending on the facility providing the virtual mailbox, you could arrange an in-person mail pickup, mail forwarding, or mail scanning to receive digitally.

Virtual Addresses and Registered Agent Service in Florida

All formal business entities should have a registered agent service to receive legal documents on behalf of the business. Florida requires this service for limited partnerships, LLCs, and corporations. If you operate a sole proprietorship, you do not need a registered agent. It is still beneficial to have one due to the services they provide.

Real Address

Many consumers view P.O. Boxes as a way for companies to keep their locations private, which some think is suspicious. A virtual address is only virtual because the business isn’t actually based there. As a physical location, it assures customers that a business is legitimate.

Mail Forwarding

Virtual address packages often include mail forwarding. Trained administrative staff accepting your mail on your behalf will open and scan everything to your secure online account. After receiving a notification about a delivery, you can request the administrators forward it to you or another location.

Virtual Florida Phone Number

Some services also include a Florida-based phone number. An area code that matches your business’s zip code helps your business look more authentic to customers and vendors. You can give out that number for business purposes and protect your personal line of communication.

Leased Office Space

Your virtual address in Florida may include a leased office or meeting space at your virtual address. That way, if you have a meeting in Florida, you can use the room for as long as your virtual package allows each month.

Expand Your Business With a Florida Virtual Address

Whether you want your small business to appear more legitimate or you intend to meet with clients in a new market periodically, 1222 Offices & Executive Suites has excellent virtual solutions. We can provide you with a virtual address in Florida and corporate meeting rooms for conducting in-state business. Contact us today at (239) 673-5110 for additional information about our virtual office packages.

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