An Executive Office On A Tight Budget? It’s Possible!


Being a small business owner can give you mixed feelings of excitement and anxiety because of the responsibilities and costs that it entails. In the digital age, having more than just a traditional office space makes your business operations more efficient if only your budget will not get in the way. Executive office suites are the smart options, but what if you have a limited budget?

Conventional Office Space vs Executive Suites

Conventional Office Space: If you want to make the most out of traditional office space, you need to consider a more extended commitment period. Small business owners going for this type of office space typically rent for more than three years. It is interesting to note that you only rent the space, and any additional amenities such as Internet, furnishings and phone systems will be charged separately.

Conventional office spaces are suitable for startups. However, the longer you stay in an office space, the larger area you will require especially if you are eyeing for expansion. The problem with this type of office space is its lack of flexibility.

Executive Suites: Although it is smaller than a conventional office space, space already comes with amenities such as break rooms, conference rooms, lobbies, and even reception areas. It is advantageous especially if you are building a small company because you can rent less space and still have access to common areas. Executive office suites accept short commitment period. You can rent the space for a minimum period of 6 months.

An Executive Office Minus Large Startup Costs

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about the executive office suite is the cost associated with space. With all-in-one executive suite package, most small business owners might think that it is going to be a significant out-of-the-pocket expense. The good news is that executive office suites are ideal for start-ups or small companies. Why? Aside from having complete control of the cost, this type of office space also makes plenty of room for your company to get more scalability and flexibility.

So what does an executive office setup look like?

This type of office space provides you with a vast selection of amenities to make your business operation more convenient and smooth without putting a dent in your wallet. Some of the amenities you will find in an executive office suite includes lounge areas, conference room facilities, break rooms, video conference equipment, training rooms, and other office assistant services.

You will also love the fact that the executive office suites have networking opportunities. Meet owners and employees for other small business in the hallways, and attend events hosted by the building. However, unlike a co-working setup, you can retreat into your private executive suite whenever you like. Since it does not require long-term agreements, you will have the freedom to scale your operations. If there is a need to downsize your employees, you do not have to worry about penalties or fees.

As a small business owner, there are also other things that you need to focus on to keep your business on its feet. Having a dedicated team who will take care of the maintenance tasks will let you do all that. Executive suites have people to manage IT connections and administration, building repair, cleaning, and other critical functions.

You do not have to stretch your budget to get an office space where you can conduct your business professionally. If you want your business to project the right image, an executive office suite is suitable for you. The best thing about executive office suites is that you can maintain a professional office and save money at the same time.

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